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Stumbling Upon A Mysterious Young Lady(Dialogue)

Stumbling Upon A Mysterious Young Lady Dwika is waiting for a train when he happened to stumble upon  a young lady.He approaches her and started a convertation. Dwika: Oh hi there! Where are you going to? Tasya: Oh Hello. I am actually going to Jakarta Dwika: Oh what a good coincidence. We happened to go to the same place Tasya:  Yeah… Dwika: Oh sorry for not introducing myself. My name is Dwika and you are? Tasya: My name is Tasya. Dwika:  So why are you going there? I mean what attracts you to go to Jakarta? Tasya:  Well I have a meeting. You see I am actually working on to make a start- up company. Dwika: Oh wow! That is a very bold move to make especially for a young lady like you. Oh If I may ask something. What will your start up company be focused in? Tasya: Well for the moment being my company will largely focus on online cake delivery. For now it will only be just small cakes. But in the futur

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